Jim's Vision

For Family.

A lifelong Sioux Falls area resident, Jim graduated from Sioux Falls Washington High School. He attended Northern State University in Aberdeen, married wife Jill, and together they have three children—Jimmy, Joe and Anna. His favorite family pastime? “Enjoying our community,” with Jill, his kids and five grandchildren.

Jim Believes in Family:

  • Lifestyle opportunities for people of all income levels
  • Quality schools
  • Education opportunities for adults and children
  • Health and safety for all residents
  • Showcasing Sioux Falls throughout the country

For Business.

Jim started J&L Harley-Davidson with brother Lonnie in 1975. The growth of his dealership in Sioux Falls, Watertown and Fargo, ND, has helped position Jim as a community business leader. He knows the ups and downs of success, the ins and outs of city government, and the value of lessons gained from community service. On March 1, 2017, Jim retired from J&L, transitioning a thriving business to his very capable children.

For Business, Jim Supports:

  • Aggressive business relocation programs
  • Citywide mentorship opportunities
  • Creation of new business within the city
  • Hospitality and generosity of Sioux Falls businesses

For Sioux Falls.

An affection for leadership led Jim to serve as a Sioux Falls City Council member, and on multiple boards including Sanford Board of Trustees, Governor’s Tourism Advisory Board, Build It Now Committee, Sioux Falls Sports Authority, Make-A-Wish South Dakota, Sioux Empire Red Cross and the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau.

For Sioux Falls, Jim Wants:

  • Growth, vision and success for all business
  • Safe & affordable housing
  • Stringent crime prevention programs
  • Effective public safety campaigns
  • Programs focused on giving back to the community
  • Dynamic economic development in transportation and infrastructure
  • Expanded citywide venues for play and recreation

Connect with Jim

  (605) 809-6419

  2137 S Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57105


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